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❶Include only the education history, skills and work experience that relate to that precise industry.

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My Perfect Resume is your solution and takes the hassle out of resume writing. Create the perfect job-worthy resume effortlessly in just a few clicks! Build a Resume Now. Operations assist in opening plugs and release valves, hooking up steam hoses.

Remove bell heads, dollar plates, channel heads and Remove bundles from exchangers shell. Checked bevels with levels. Used cutting wheel and pipe cutter to cut pipe to length. Heated, formed and dressed metal parts with hand tools, torch and arc welding equipment.

Laid out, positioned, aligned and secured parts and assemblies with straightedges and combination square sand calipers. Responded to service calls quickly and professionally. Followed all safety guidelines, including proper machine guarding and lockout and tagout procedures.

Cleaned and degreased weld joints and workpieces efficiently. Inspected tools for damage or wear to prevent injuries and accidents. Put in oil lube piping and other piping for General Electric units, steam turbines, and filter house. Assisted welder in startup preparation for welding duties. Installed oil, air, and water lines throughout power plant. Provided assistance in the commissioning process of power plant startup. Loaded and unloaded building materials used for construction.

Assisted pipefitter with installation of valves, couplings, and other fittings. This resume format brings front and center what the person who is writing the resume excels. It is applicable where an individual has a gap in their career and also ideal for people looking to change their career paths. Thirdly, the targeted resume puts focus on a particular job opportunity. Individuals write these resume to emphasize on skill and job experience that apply to a specific position.

Each job opportunity requires an applicant to edit the resume to match its specification. A combination resume is the fourth and last type of resume. The combination resume is specifically for people who have quite a load experience in their area of expertise or those looking to venture into new fields and industries.

It is also ideal for people applying for job opportunities that require technical skills and expertise. When writing any resume, there are a few pointers to keep you on the right track to a successful document. First and foremost, hiring managers do not want to struggle when reading a resume. Therefore, anyone writing a resume should write it in a legible font that is reasonable in size and easy to read.

Also, include enough white space between lines to make it easy for managers scanning your resume to pick out keywords, job titles, and relevant information. When you are applying for a particular position in a specific field, it is of utmost importance that you write a resume that matches that distinct post, i. Include only the education history, skills and work experience that relate to that precise industry.

Sending an ambiguous resume may lower your chances of qualifying the screening phase since the resume is vague and might leave out essential information relevant to the job description. Also, select a resume format that matches the field that you are applying. You can choose to use functional, chronological, targeted, or combination format of the resume. Various companies desire diverse resume forms. You can fine-tune your resume for both humans and robots.

Some companies apply artificial intelligence AI to sieve through applicants. This tuning includes proofreading to ascertain there are no spelling and grammatical errors in the document. Include keywords from the job description either as subtitles or in the bulleted lists when you are describing your skill set.

These inclusions will show the employer that you qualify for the job.

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