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Military to Civilian Resumes

How to Prepare to Transition from the Military

❶Could you possibly provide some assistance where i can get one written as soon as possible.

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I am due to transition 31 Jan and would like to get a federal resume completed. I am about an hour north of you.

Please contact me and let me know when would be a good time. I am medically retiring after 10 years active army. I would like information on resume writing service including cover and thank you letters, thank you. I am transitioning out of the military into the civilian world. I need help creating a resume that would enable me to transition smoothly. The job that I currently have is not the career field that I would like to do in the civilian world.

Thank you for your help. Hi James, Thank you so much for contacting me! I will send you an email to reply to your comment. I would be happy to help you! I am retiring from the Marine Corps after 15 years and am in much need of a federal resume. Little to no help from base. This is a short fuse notice, The retirement date is right around the corner. Hi Andrew, Thank you for leaving a comment! I have just sent you an email. I am looking forward to assisting you!

I would like to update my resume to apply for a government job. Chauuncey, Thank you for contacting me! I will send you an email. Steven, I would be happy to assist! I will send an email to make contact with you.

And I need a resume that translates my military career into civilian language. I would like to know how much you charge to do a resume, I have 21 years of service, I would like one in a different field. I also have one that is complete in the field I have been doing for over 21 years, how much would you charge to look it over and make adjustments, thanks in advance. Hi John, Thank you for commenting!

I will contact you offline to discuss your needs. If you are interested in two versions, the second is discounted since after I compose the first version, I will already have collected and sorted your background information and history. Email will not be published required. Thank you in advance for your assistance and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best regards, Tina Reply. Tina, I am retiring from the military after almost 28 years of service. I would like information on resume writing service including cover and thank you letters, thank you Reply. Hi Jared, I will reach out to you by email. Thank you for your help Reply. Tina, I am retiring from the Marine Corps after 15 years and am in much need of a federal resume.

Tina is passionate about helping Navy families with their employment challenges Tina was always accessible to me when I needed her assistance and her pleasant personality made it a joy to work with her Sometimes it can be hard work just to translate military skill sets and experiences into civilian terminology! Our writers specialize in more than 5 dozen career fields and industries, and the majority of our military transition specialists have a military service background themselves.

So order today and let one of our experienced specialists help you organize your military skills and qualifications into a powerful resume that will open up the doors to your new career path!

This is the standard resume that you will print up on a piece of paper and take to your job interview. We use unique, professional page designs to ensure that your strengths and qualifications stand out. This particular product is emailed to you as a file attachment within the deadline you select. The resume will be in MSWord. For a small additional fee, we will print up copies on professional, high-weave resume paper and mail you the copies via US Mail.

An e-resume is a specially formatted text-only version of your resume. This formatting allows the text to be sent over all electronic medias, while retaining its margins and tabs. Have you ever cut and pasted something into an email only to have the text get jumbled and scrambled when you send the document?

ASCII formatting prevents this from happening. When do you use an e-resume? When you submit your resume to online job search site like HotJobs. If your resume is not in proper e-resume format, you run the risk of having your formatting show up jumbled. They request that you send your resume in the body of an email only.

A properly formatted ASCII e-resume allows you to cut and paste your resume into the body of an email, send it over any email system in the world, and be sure that your resume will look the same no matter where it is sent. Many corporations and job banks store resumes in large databases. To do this, they use scanners to scan resumes into their computers. Later on, when they need to fill job openings, they simply go through their electronic database and find candidates to fill these posts.

Scannable resumes require specific page designs because computer scanners cannot read certain items. When you select to use our resume distribution product you will have your resume sent to hundreds of recruiters and companies who are looking to hire people like you.

You will also receive an after-distribution report describing how many, and which recruiters your resume was sent to. The distribution can be targeted by:.

The best part about this service is that it makes use of our opt-in recruiter database. Only recruiters and employers who are actively filling positions are in our database.

After your resume is written, the writer will distribute the resume to the current list of active recruiters. You can direct the writer to chose specific industries and localities, or you can opt to have the writer choose for you, based on your career profile.

If you are applying to a job bank or a medium to large-sized corporation or company, you must have a scannable copy of your resume. In almost all cases, the answer is yes.

This goes for scannable resumes and electronic resumes as well. A cover letter is a professional courtesy that is as important and as traditional as a handshake or a "thank-you. Follow-up letters are a similar courtesy that you send after an interview or phone conversation. All the cover letters and follow-up letters we design can be used multiple times.

We simply write a personalized, professional body to the letter, based upon your unique personal information.

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Military resume builders only insure you look like everyone else on paper. Hiring a top military resume writer from a nationally known top resume writing service will help you get your foot in the door and make that tough career transition from .

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Military Resume for active duty members transitioning out of the service. Certified Resume Writer Expert, Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland Federal Resume Writing Services, Washington DC. Enjoy the benefits of working with a top-notch resume writing service in North Carolina. Whether you need to improve your resume NC, create a cover letter from5/5.

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Military to Civilian Resumes What Is a Military Transition Resume? Creating a military transition resume takes a lot of time, a lot of writing and a lot of effort. Military-to-Civilian Resume Services. Our Military Transition Resume Writing Services are designed for all current or recently active military professionals looking to transition to a new career in the civilian sector.* This does NOT mean you are receiving any lesser service. Military resume services are equivalent to our Professional.