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❶You can rely on our team without any doubts! The number of women serving the sentence for homicide is extremely small, and most of the imprisoned individuals are either mentally unstable or were under the strong influence of certain people or circumstances while killing a person.

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write my paper criminology
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Services Samples Prices Testimonials. Order now Log in. Be first one to rate! Nowadays, unfortunately, even children know what terrorism is, as this problem is currently a global challenge.

The society has been facing the issue of terrorism for centuries, and, as we live in very politically and economically unstable times, terroristic acts keep occurring all over the world, wracking massive havoc and leading to deaths of thousands of innocent people. And, if previously terrorists were known mainly for bombing, shooting, and executing people, they are now taking more serious lethal actions. With development of technology and scientific fields, the opportunity to use all substances and devices that were meant to help people has arisen.

Numerous virus strains and dangerous substances, which are hard but possible to get, provide a terrorist with biological and chemical weapon that can stamp the humanity out of existence. Another form of modern terrorism is cyberterrorism, which involves using computers and other technological devices to access, steal, and change private information of people and companies. Thus, hackers can lay hands on confidential data, steal money from accounts, modify the work of different systems, and cause a lot more harm.

As terrorism is now taking dozens of different forms, it is crucial to realize the reasons people attack, what or who influences them, how those people should be judged, and what can be done to prevent these attacks.

Writing an essay on criminology, you can discuss these questions, future forms a terrorism can take, ways to protect civilians from harm, and other things that can help understand the issue of terrorism. There is always an individual who suffers certain harm in a crime, and that person is called a victim. Victimology studies such people, the ways to help them rehabilitate and survive crimes, and tries to understand their relationships with perpetrators and criminal justice system.

For years, specialists gathered and analyzed the information about crime victims to define whether they have any similarities and see how they interact with criminals.

Hence, now we can divide victims into different classes depending on their behavior, emotional state, and other factors. When medical and police workers know what kind of victim they are trying to help, they can act in the ways that would be the best for an aggrieved person and investigation of the case. As it is now known that some people are more likely to become victims, there is a need for methods of crime prevention that would consider the information available on this discovery.

Also, it is important to find effective ways of working with people who have unhealthy relationships with their offenders like women with abusive husbands or individuals with Stockholm Syndrome. Such people have problems testifying against their insulters or quitting this type of relationships, thus putting themselves in a lot of danger, hindering the investigation, or even helping offenders to avoid punishment.

There are a lot more issues that have to be resolved, so if you need to write a thesis of criminology practices or any of its subdisciplines, victimology is a perfect topic with plenty of questions to discuss. Even though many people think that slavery is in the past, and we live in more or less humanistic society now, the problem of slavery did not fade away but rather took a different form, which is known as human trafficking. Millions of people, mostly women and children, who disappear every year, became a part of the huge international trade system.

Such persons are being sold to interested parties and considered as the property of a buyer, being forced into the hard labor, marriage, surrogacy, sexual slavery, or other forms of exploitation. It is almost impossible to trace people who arrange the abduction and trades as they are highly protected, do everything carefully, and, in most cases, have powerful friends who can cover them and their illegal actions.

Hence, now human trafficking is an international problem that neither governments of different countries nor special organizations are able to solve. Even though some of them have a certain success rate as they save thousands of people each year, millions remain as slaves, and the rescued individuals can hardly live normal lives after the awful experience they had to go through.

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