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❶When online students find something interesting or have a question about a certain scenario or fact, they have the power of the internet to do their own research. Graduate Diploma of Human Nutrition T3

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Support Team - If you encounter a problem during your course, you can pick up the phone or log in to OpenSpace to contact our friendly learning support team. Our Support Officers are on hand to help you out with admin and how to get started, as well as essay planning, study tips and everything in-between.

Give them a call or book an appointment through OpenSpace. Other students - Got a question related to your course? Check to see if your chosen course requires you to complete Structured Workplace Learning also known as a work placement by visiting the course page on the Open Colleges website.

A placement involves completing a certain number of hours in a suitable workplace environment. If you feel like you need more help after that, you can speak to one of our Work Placement Support Officers who can offer some extra assistance to get you into a suitable workplace.

They are facilitated by our expert Trainers and Assessors, and are held at multiple locations all around Australia. Get a Free Course Guide Enter your details below to receive a free course guide and a consultation with an Education Advisor. When do you plan to start studying? What outcome are you hoping to achieve after studying with Open Colleges?

I want to develop a hobby I want to get a promotion at work I want to complete a course that my employer recommended I want to change careers I want to get back into the workforce I want to start my first career. Tick this box to receive our newsletters, updates and special offers. Find out how it works Trainer Support — get the answers to questions about your course or assessments Student Support — call us to get all the administration information you need, including course help, how to get started and work placement support Learner Support — we can help you with essay planning, study tips and so much more You can also contact other students studying the same course as you to discuss assessments and to help keep you motivated in your online campus — OpenSpace.

Terms and conditions apply. Whether a student is pursuing an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree, they will find studying online offers benefits and opportunities. Earning an online degree holds benefits that traditional lecture style classroom setting courses do not. Of these benefits, the most valuable is the ability for a student to do class work on their own time.

In a classroom setting, courses are given at exact times that a student must attend. This can be a problem if a student has a scheduling conflict. Often times, a missed class can mean falling behind in the course.

With an online degree, international students have the ability to complete their work on their own time. Classes usually consist of weekly readings and assignments that need to be completed at the end of that specific week. This gives the student an entire week to review their work whenever they are available, be it after work, at night, or on the weekend.

Another major benefit to online degrees is the delivery method of class notes, readings and assignments. In lecture courses in the classroom, students must take notes during their class time while also trying to listen to the professor.

This often leads to students missing some parts of the lecture and having to go to fellow classmates to fill in any holes in the notes they missed. In online classes, many programs offer class notes every week. Students have all the course materials and are able to access them any time they want. Classroom students have a set time when they need to listen to a lecture, and cannot go back to review the lesson. Online students are given access to video lectures, which can be watched multiple times in order to fully understand the material.

Humanities, Social Sciences and Languages. Media, communication and creative arts. Postgraduate coursework Graduate certificate. Other Non-award English language. Why high-achieving professionals choose Cloud Campus. Stay in the loop. You might also like …. Find a course View Find a course. Study support View Study support. Three steps to find time for study, work and life View Three steps to find time for study, work and life. Bachelor of Psychology Honours.

Master of Business Administration. Master of Information Systems. Bachelor of Health Sciences. Bachelor of International Studies. Doctor of Philosophy Nutrition and Public Health.

Bachelor of Information Technology. Master of Business Analytics. Bachelor of Creative Writing. Bachelor of Arts Psychology. Graduate Certificate of Business Administration. Master of Teaching Primary and Secondary. Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Honours. Graduate Diploma of Psychology Pre-Practice. Master of Professional Accounting. Graduate Diploma of Public Relations. Master of Humanitarian Assistance.

Graduate Certificate of Diabetes Education. Graduate Diploma of Business Analytics. Bachelor of Civil Engineering Honours. Master of Development and Humanitarian Action. Bachelor of Education Early Years.

Master of Construction Management. Graduate Diploma of Psychology. Master of Teaching Secondary. Master of Specialist Inclusive Education.

Bachelor of Communication Digital Media. Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering Honours. Graduate Certificate of Education. Master of Applied Learning and Teaching. Master of Business Administration International. Master of Child Play Therapy. Master of Education Leadership and Management. Master of Information Technology Professional.

Master of Politics and Policy. Master of Languages Teaching. Doctor of Philosophy Business and Law. Master of Applied Sport Science. Master of Cyber Security Professional. Graduate Certificate of Property.

Graduate Certificate of Research Management. Bachelor of Arts Psychology Honours. Graduate Certificate of Human Nutrition. Graduate Diploma of Creative Writing. Graduate Diploma of Property. Master of Human Resource Management. Master of Teaching Early Childhood. Master of Health Promotion. Graduate Diploma of Digital Media. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Honours. Bachelor of Communication Journalism. Doctor of Philosophy Copenhagen.

Bachelor of Computer Science. Bachelor of Cyber Security. Bachelor of Psychological Science. Bachelor of Communication Honours. Bachelor of Psychological Science Honours. Graduate Certificate of Agricultural Health and Medicine. Graduate Certificate of Applied Learning and Teaching. Graduate Certificate of Business Sport Management. Graduate Certificate of Commerce. Graduate Certificate of Communication. Graduate Certificate of Corporate Management.

Graduate Certificate of Financial Planning. Graduate Certificate of Health Promotion. Graduate Certificate of Information Systems. Graduate Certificate of Information Technology. Graduate Certificate of International Finance. Graduate Certificate of International and Community Development. Graduate Certificate of Marketing. Graduate Certificate of Professional Accounting. Graduate Certificate of Public Health Nutrition.

Graduate Certificate of Sustainable Regional Development. Graduate Certificate of Writing and Literature. Graduate Diploma of Commerce. Graduate Diploma of Communication. Graduate Diploma of Data Analytics.

Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning. Graduate Diploma of Health Promotion. Graduate Diploma of Information Systems. Graduate Diploma of Information Technology. Graduate Diploma of International Finance. Graduate Diploma of International Relations. Graduate Diploma of International and Community Development.

Graduate Diploma of Literary Studies. Graduate Diploma of Midwifery. Graduate Diploma of Museum Studies.

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If you’ve studied through Open2Study and want to take your interests further, there’s bound to be an Open Universities Australia course for you. With over courses offered online through leading Australian universities, you can complete a degree by studying where, when, and how it suits you.

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Online students also have complete access to the internet while studying, completing homework or an exam. When online students find something interesting or have a question about a certain scenario or fact, they have the .

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The web-based study format opens doors to studying at a university that is geographically distant, or at times that are most convenient for each individual student. Online Undergraduate Certificates Like most certificate programs, online undergraduate certificates let students earn credentials in specific fields. Through Open Universities Australia (OUA) you can study undergraduate and postgraduate courses from leading Australian universities online, fitting study around your work and family commitments. And you'll graduate with .

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Are you wondering why you should study online and obtain a degree from an online university? If the answer is yes, it’s time you find out some of the main benefits of online (distance) learning. Studying Online Studying Online Studying online with Open Colleges is perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle - there are no campuses to attend, no set schedules to live by and no assessment due dates.