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Velocity homework help!!!?

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❶I forgot to mention that we were talking in terms of just magnitude, and to make matters more clear, the actual question was: Speed is a scalar quantity where as velocity is a vector quantity.

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Mar 10, 2. Perhaps your time value is meant to be a variable. It would help if you descrbed your problem a little more EDIT: If you are given the directional velocities D.

Mar 11, 3. Mar 11, 4. What I am trying to do is calculate the time it would take to fall an x amount of distance then make it into a problem using everything. And in the end it will ask them to calculate for Drag and Terminal Velocity. The smaller pulley revolves at the rate of 48 rpm. Determine the linear velocity of the belt in centimeters per minute.

What is the angular velocity of the larger pulley in radians per minute? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Because the radius of larger pulley is double , so its angular velocity of larger pulley is half the smaller pulley and it revolves at the rate of 24 rpm.

The angular velocity of larger pulley per minute is equal to: Related Questions Help with velocity homework? Help with velocity homework? What is constant velocity Terminal Velocity homework help? Answer Questions Math- how many people purchased only coffee?

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It may delete a post erroneously. We ban all bots. If the runway is m long, can this airplane reach the required speed for take-off? If not, what is the minimum distance that the runway should have? You also have the acceleration. You put all of these into the equation that will give you the distance, and if it is smaller than m, then the m track is ok, but if it is larger, your track needs to be that long.

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Acceleration, velocity and speed. up vote-1 down vote favorite. So, graphs can help in cases where velocity changes direction. share | cite | improve this answer. Browse other questions tagged homework-and-exercises acceleration velocity kinematics speed or ask your own question.

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Velocity homework help and essay writing with how this scholarship will help me essay Educational research help homework velocity in the perspectives of those people software engineering homework help.

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Mar 22,  · Kinematics Velocity and Acceleration Homework Help Choose Kinematics Velocity and Acceleration Assignment Help and Learn New Physics Concept Physics is a science that is compulsory for the science students in /5(). Oct 05,  · Here are six questions if you could help with any that would be great, who ever helps with the most and shows anyform of work will get the 10 points. #1.) A point on a circle 16 cm from the center moves through an angle of degrees in 1 min. What is the linear Velocity of the point in centimeters per second? #2.)Status: Resolved.

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Come here for homework help in most any field. We will not do it for you, but we can give you hints. Negative velocity means that an object is moving in the direction opposite to sign convention. Suppose we take rightwards as positive, when an object moves towards the left, it has negative velocity. Mar 11,  · Homework Help: Velocity homework Mar 10, #1. Sesquipedalian. Velocity is the time derivative of the inital position function x(t). You need time. Perhaps your time value is meant to be a variable. It would help .