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5 Investment Analyst Qualities That Hedge Fund Interviewers Look For

Equity Research Analyst

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Equity Analyst

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1. Business Curiosity
The Sell-Side Job Description

These figures are given to the Indeed users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures. Skip to Job Postings , Search Close. Upload your resume Sign in. Upload your resume - Let employers find you. Sponsored - save job. Attend industry conferences and corporate earning calls; utilize industry-specific data in support of company coverage; review business and trade Sponsored by OneWire Inc.

Healthcare Analyst Ascend Capital. Attend scientific conferences with the goal of developing differentiated views on emerging therapeutic categories and new technological device advancements Financial Modeling.

Sponsored by HireMojo - 16 hours ago - save job. You will be responsible for finding opportunities that other market participants may not be capitalizing on, either by discovering new information or How often do raises occur at Susquehanna International Group?

What questions did they ask during your interview? This role provides the unique opportunity to combine the quantitative aspects of finance with creative problem solving in order to develop trade ideas in a You must be familiar with the fundamental research process and will be relied upon to perform your own due diligence drawing from SEC filings, press releases Partner with Senior Research Analysts and Portfolio Managers to conduct fundamental analysis on an industry or emerging trend and identify companies that may View all Lazard Ltd.

A dedicated self-starter with over 11 years experience in the Customer Service and Finance Industry. Accounting and Finance, Collections.

Detail-oriented Credit Analyst bringing in-depth knowledge of accounting and business applications. Accounting and Finance, Financial Analysts. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. Want to use this resume? Credit Analyst Republic Services Summary: Credit Analyst Wells Fargo Summary: Depends from fund to fund.

This type of work is typically not very interesting to someone who aspires to be a PM someday, and you gain very few transferable skills; the only upside is that you are exposed to the industry and can soak up some general knowledge. If these positions exist, someone please let me know. This is completely false. I have such a position and have many friends who do as well.

I guess we have to start distinguishing between dudes who are on the buyside because they are good investors and dudes who are on the buyside because of their banking stint and connections and not because they like investing or are any good at it, but merely because "it is the good thing to do" for pedigree purposes, parents being proud, blindly following their analyst class, etc.

Unfortunately for the latter group reality will catch up with them, and if their stock calls fucking suck they will be shitcanned and thrown out the effing window like a sack of shit regardless of pedigree. I have not seen a single PM come up from an entry-level gig at a HF right out of college unless they got into a trading role - and that was only in the old days when the industry was smaller.

So yes, you are on the "buyside" but you are not going to be a baller like John Paulson. Such funds do exist. I have a friend going to a HF right out of college and the track is to be a PM. Also, at the PE firm I worked at, I was told many times that they do not seek to churn and burn their analysts but rather want them to grow with the firm i.

Often, the kids going to the buyside is because they have managed to set themselves apart and have the same skills a 2nd year analyst at a BB does. This is not true. Investment positions out of undergrad while rare, do exist. Not exactly hf, but off the top of my head,i know fido and wellington both hire a few ER associates out of undergrad a year. I am not as familiar with the hf landscape but I think I have seen quant investment research positions listed on the career service website during my undergrad years.

I have not seen a single PM come up from an entry-level gig at a HF right out of college You have an overwhelming amount of logic deficiency. No offense but you are coming off as naive. I am a PM at a hedge fund and I never worked on the sell-side. That experience is way more valuable then anything you can learn on the sell-side and because of this I have been trading at a big name fund for longer then just about anybody I know who is my age and went thru the sell-side.

On the sell-side they are mostly teaching you to sell, whether you know it or not. As I have said many times before, to be a PM on the buyside I would rather be an assistant to a PM as a post-college jon then an investment banking analyst. Go win the fucking Super Bowl. Same logic, your goal is to be the most baller fund manager ever, get to the top of your firm or launch your own , etc.

You either come in knowing it after working on the sell-side, or having taught it to yourself like alex said. Point is, how many kids know enough to teach themselves equity analysis and modeling? You should always be excited and striving to achieve the "next level.

There is always something to work towards and you should never get complacent. Until you make it to the top there will always be someone watching over you and making sure you pull your weight. These roles are designed to develop TAs into potential future PMs.

There is no doubt that a sell-side analyst stint provides you with a defined skill set and a great opportunity to network but if you can bypass this step and go directly to the buyside you would be an idiot not to unless you enjoy sales and client service type positions. At the end of the day, most people join finance for the competition and money is the only way to keep score.

I view money as nothing more than a way to buy free time, which at the end of the day is far more important than money. Thank you all for coming out of the woodwork to expose my bullshit and show me how big a dumbass I am.

I will stop speculating about an industry and career path I know hardly anything about, and try instead to land a real job in finance first.

What is the success rate for people who start out as PM assistants like Bondarb? What would do these people do if they fail to make PM? Book trades and get lunch for the rest of their careers? There are ER positions out of undergrad where you are making investment decisions.

In Toronto at Fidelity out of undergrad they start you with M to manage. The hours are amazing at worst! My concern is though, is it a bad idea to try to get into the buyside directly without any fulltime sellside experience? Does anyone have any personal experience or anecdotes about this uncommon career path?

Be happy where you are. Sounds like a fantastic opp. Take it and be happy. Is this not the case? I also still have a few sellside prospects, but I really think this is ultimately where I want to be.

In retrospect, getting my offer rescinded was almost a blessing in disguise, as cliche as that sounds - Otherwise, I would have never experienced this side of the business and found out how great it was. There are only two valid reasons why having sell side experience would be useful for someone who is looking for a buyside career: On the buyside your initial network will be smaller especially among your colleagues , but the contacts that you will make will be different in many cases better as you progress.

Also in many cases you need to do a stint on the sell side before you are useful to the buyside firm i. I am working towards getting into the position you are now, waiting to hear back. Take it and run with it. Buy side always seemed like the place for me. Relinquis is spot on. Many people, especially at the undergraduate level, end up on the Sell Side not because of some burning desire to pitch value-destroying deals, but because as Relinquis noted, undergraduates are useless.

The best are at least charmingly useless, and eager to learn. Considering the minuscule number of Buy Side positions available for undergraduates, that must be saying something. Plus, the work is great. Also, check out this thread for more information. It applies to public markets specifically, but the principle is nonetheless there:. It will end at some point, but nobody knows when and it is at the mercy of the prevailing bias of the masses as it relates to ks and the stock market.

I believe its coming to an end and I invite any counter arguments. Could you specify what exactly you are predicting? By and large, retail investors have not participated in this most recent rally, which has been quite an upwards move.

Investors know the history of stock returns, especially with long term horizons, therefore the market is always attractive in a certain sense. Emerging market growth is also being ratcheted down a bit too. But overall equity has seen net outflows. It seems clear that the big inflows were before the crisis. Your concerns are somewhere between naively quaint and naively pedantic. I need more flexibility from my career when i eventually settle down and have kids.

I hope that things work out after all the crap life has thrown at me this year lol. I understand where the OP is coming from on this one, but I think that doing sell side just to have done it is a bit silly. I admit it can be hard to give up the brand name, experience and training you get out of sell side.

However, if you want to work on the buy side, it seems unlikely to me that the best way to do that is choose to go to the sell side over a buy side job at a good firm. I will destroy you. Bunch of my classmates started out directly on the buyside most of not looked back. A couple are on the path of PM soon. Great decision for them. Some people are just born natural stock pickers or risk takers. Is the your hours as an intern? I am stunned that junoir people at any buyside shop start later than 7: The Stock Pitches for the Interview 1.

Why Investing Answer for Hedge Fund 2. Looking to Break into the Hedge Fund World? Log in or register to post comments. Members that upload a resume get 2. Oct 17, - 3: Hedge Fund Pitch for Interviews. Oct 20, - 8: Oct 20, - 9: Oct 21, - Oct 17, - 4: Check out my WSO Blog. Oct 18, - Investment Banking Interview Case Samples. Jan 6, - Thanks for the informative post. What was your strategy when you were an undergrad for formulating stock pitches? Dec 17, - Toughest PE Interview Questions.

Private Equity Interview Questions. But West Coast hours are terrible. Oct 17, - 9: Oct 17, - Oct 19, - 8: Investment Banking Interview Brainteasers. Oct 17, - 5: Nov 6, - 2: If you want to hit a growing AM city Welcome to Minneapolis, Minnesota! Best Modeling Courses - Finance Training. Investment Banking Interview Questions. Oct 17, - 6: Oct 17, - 7: But your mileage will vary.

Oct 18, - 1: A more apt question than "Why do you want to be an investor? Oct 18, - 2: Oct 18, - 9: Hedge Fund Pitch Template. Oct 18, - 8: Oct 19, - Oct 22, - Oct 24, - 9: Very informative and from my experience half the jobe is done if you can defend a stock well. Jun 26, - 8: How would you adapt this info for a fund investing in fixed income mostly public debt? I like the look from the other perspective. Jun 26, - 9: Jun 26, - And which areas are those?

Jun 26, - 1: Private Equity Case Interview Samples. Jun 26, - 5: Jun 26, - 2: Great advice, thank you! Someone ask about firms that recruit straight out of undergrad from my undergrad days: Jun 26, - 7: Jun 28, - Jun 27, - 4: Excel Model Templates and Training. Jun 28, - 8: Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers. Jun 28, - 6: Jun 28, - 7: Jun 29, - 3: Jun 29, - 8:


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Candidates for Equity Research Analyst positions typically list a degree in the fields of finance, business, or accounting on their resumes. For more information on what it takes to be a Equity Research Analyst, check out our complete Equity Research Analyst Job Description. Equity Research Analyst (Buy-Side) • Conducted in-depth fundamental research on companies in Healthcare/MedTech industry for Evergreen growth, value and core funds with approximately $2 billion in assets under management.