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I have been Tutoring online since 2 years and is well versed with the way of communicating with the students so that they are better able to understand the concept. Experienced and certified ESL and tutor over over 40 subjects.

I attend Liberty University. I will have my degree in Educational Psychology at the beginning of January I will also be taking concurrent graduate classes in School I live with three cats in a valley ringed by mountains in Eastern Oregon. From the windows of my second-story Teacher for 9 years per diem, Skilled at History and Writing!

Extensive experience in all grade levels, college and in an after school middle school library setting daily. Lesson 2 - History of the Alphabet: From Cuneiform to Greek Writing. Lesson 3 - The Iliad: Lesson 4 - The Odyssey: Lesson 5 - Bronze Age Greece: Lesson 7 - Greek Myth and Religion.

Lesson 8 - Greek City-States and Governments. Lesson 9 - Women of Greece. Lesson 11 - Ancient Greek Architecture: Lesson 12 - The Birth of Philosophy: Lesson 13 - Phalanx Warfare in Ancient Greece.

Lesson 14 - History of Sparta. Lesson 15 - Birth of History: Lesson 16 - Slavery in Ancient Greece. Lesson 17 - Ancient Colonnade: Lesson 18 - Ancient Greek Comedy: Lesson 19 - Ancient Greek Pottery: Lesson 20 - Ancient Greek Sculpture: Lesson 21 - Ancient Greek Tyrant: Lesson 22 - Antigone by Sophocles: Lesson 23 - Aristophanes: Lesson 24 - Building Ancient Roman Roads: Lesson 25 - Cleisthenes of Athens: Lesson 26 - Colossus of Rhodes: Lesson 27 - Epicycle in Ptolemaic Astronomy: Lesson 28 - Euclidean Geometry: Lesson 29 - Menelaus of Troy: Lesson 30 - Metamorphoses by Ovid: Lesson 31 - Parthenon Metope: Lesson 32 - Roman Portrait Sculpture: Lesson 33 - Romulus and Remus: Story of the Founding of Rome.

Lesson 34 - The Ancient Roman Gladiators: Lesson 35 - The Artist Raphael: Lesson 36 - The Great Sphinx in Egypt: Lesson 38 - The Greek Parthenon: Lesson 39 - Who is Plato? Lesson 40 - Muses: Lesson 1 - Athenian Democracy: Lesson 3 - Greek Theatre: Lesson 4 - Peloponnesian War and Thucydides. Lesson 5 - Socrates: Life, Death and Philosophy. Lesson 6 - Platonic Idealism: Plato and His Influence.

Lesson 7 - Aristotelian Logic: Lesson 8 - Alexander the Great and the Birth of Hellenism. Lesson 11 - Schools of Philosophy in Antiquity: Lesson 1 - Roman Myths and Religion. Lesson 3 - Formation of the Roman Republic: Offices, Institutions and History. Lesson 5 - The Punic Wars: Lesson 6 - Roman Engineering and Architecture.

Lesson 7 - Roman Law and the Pax Romana: Write down any questions or concerns you have about cheating, including plagiarism, for class discussion tomorrow. Be prepared to discuss. More information about the Geography Exam and Geo Unit will be given in class. This big file will take a few minutes to download. Be happy here folks! You will have a much easier time identifying locations on a blank map packet thanks to these girls. You can use this power point to study geography locations and statistics.

Mr P highly recommends using this to study for the Geo Exam. If you cannot download it, then bring a USB to class and copy off the student computer. Or have a friend download and send it to you via email.

Mr P will be handing out a map packet in class to each student. The map packet is like the maps listed below. Each student will get 1 map packet. The purpose of having these maps online is several folds. A To use as a practice blank map for studying purposes. B To replace lost map packets. C Visual for parents to know what map packet handout looks like. Only want to get a hold of one page?

If you know other cool instrumental songs from around the world that your fellow students do NOT likely know about but are culturally special and cool to listen to, email the link to Mr P so he can add it to the play list. HW If Geo Unit was introduced in class today These lectures demonstrate that Geo is so much more than just locations. It relates to culture, economics, politics, religion and much much more. Let my dataset change your mindset.

No more boring data: The good news of the decade? New facts and stunning data visuals. Wednesday, August 29, P supposes we can continue to do so. P hopes you still find this portion of the website helpful this year.

Classroom Basics Video 4. What do they have to say? B If you are bored, want to think and have the time, watch this.

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Our tutors can help you with these World History topics and more: Study of all different cultures; People, places and environments; Time, continuity and change; Nationalism; Revolution; Growth of Western democracies; High Middle Ages; Ancient Greece; Ancient Rome; 24/7 Help in Our Online Classroom. Our online classroom has the necessary .

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Step-by-step solutions to all your History homework questions - Slader.

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For those who just need to pass the test and go on mastering other areas of knowledge we offer history homework help in various topics of the History course, including the Civil War, the American Revolution, Civil Rights Movement, America and Vietnam, the Prohibition in the US, the Great War, WWII, Slavery and Abolition issues, the New . Get online tutoring and college homework help for World History. We have a full team of professional World History tutors ready to help you today!