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This site charges an annual fee for access. English ladders offers English quizzes for ESL learners at all levels. The site remembers previous scores to allow learners to see their progress. The site requires free registration. This site has a wealth of resources for ESL children, but it has a particularly great section of games and activities. The games are broken into 4 sections: The site also has a fantastic online games section for kids to use with 12 different interactive games.

ESL Kids World is a collection of resources for children learning ESL, including flashcards, games, songs, worksheets and interactive exercises online. ESL Kids offers a variety of activities, including games, flashcards, worksheets, songs and more. The games section includes 8 full pages of spelling, speaking and vocabulary games. ESL Pages offers a variety of ESL resources for students and teachers, including dictionaries, reading, grammar, speaking and spelling exercises, lesson plans, songs and games, and more.

Hello World is a comprehensive ESL resource, offering a variety of games, exercises, interactive activities, and more, with a special section for young children. This site, by British Council, offers resources for children learning English.

This site offers English reading activities, spelling and grammar activities, and online word games and puzzles for children of all ages. This site offers free worksheets, flashcards, games, lesson plans and online activities to help children learn English. Lessons include games, stories, songs and chants, and writing exercises. This site offers 3 sets of flashcards that each have about 10 categories each, such as Action Verbs, Colors, Zoo Animals, Weather, and Time.

You can download both small and large versions of all of the flashcards. This site offers a worksheet generator that allows teachers to print custom-generated worksheets and quizzes in a variety of formats. This site helps children learn English vocabulary by viewing illustrations and choosing the appropriate word from drop-down menu. Topics range from colors and shapes to seasons. Lantern Fish presents language and math worksheets for grades K Activities include grammar, math, nouns and other elements of vocabulary.

This site offers ESL vocabulary lesson plans and worksheets categorized by grade level. Picture Dictionary helps children learn English by viewing vocabulary words and corresponding pictures. There is a special section of kindergarten reading and phonics curriculum. This site presents spoken dialogue on a variety of topics, and accompanying worksheets that help students match the written words with the words they hear.

Other Print Sources Reference List: Electronic Sources Reference List: Organization and Structure Graduate Writing Workshops: Introductions Graduate Writing Workshops: Literature Reviews Graduate Writing Workshops: Style Graduate Writing Workshops: Editing and Proofreading Graduate Writing Workshops: Copyright and Plagiarism Collaborative Authorship Handout: Specificity in Writing Grant Writing: Introduction Grant Writing in the Sciences: This site helps ESL students learn English vocabulary through a series of games.

This site presents short stories at a basic reading level that introduce English vocabulary and expressions. Students have the option of listening while they read.

Elllo helps students learn English naturally, through lessons that include recorded conversation, text notes, quizzes and more. Lessons include a variety of subjects and are categorized by skill level. This site helps ESL students learn English vocabulary used in medial settings. The site allows students to practice conversation on a variety of subjects, with animated tutors. This site helps ESL students learn conversational phrases by listening to audio recordings and completing accompanying exercises.

This site offers a wealth of resources to help ESL students learn English vocabulary. Lessons include recorded audio listening quizzes on a variety of topics and in various skill levels, minute vocabulary lessons and longer conversations with video. This site offers video exercises on a variety of subjects, including more specific information, such as the differences between US and UK speech and normal, formal and informal introduction. This site offers a number of listening exercises categorized by beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels.

Each lesson includes a quiz, and students have the option of viewing the dialogue while listening. This site helps ESL students learn the finer points of grammar through a series of quizzes and exercises.

This site includes interactive exercises and reference materials to help ESL students prepare for business interactions. Topics include presentations, negotiations, etc. This site is a comprehensive resource for ESL students in business. Lessons are divided into subjects like Information Technology and Sales and Marketing, and more specific subjects like English for Sales. This site includes references and exercises teaching pronunciation, vocabulary and reading skills on a variety of business topics.

This site helps ESL students learn useful business expressions for use in business interactions, correspondence, and presentation. The lessons include specific grammar rules, like using appropriate tenses, with written exercises and audio recordings. This site offers a comprehensive library of business English vocabulary with definitions , and crossword and word search games to help students learn vocabulary.

Linguarama presents exercises to help ESL students learn business language specific to sales. Nonstop English helps ESL students learn business vocabulary and phrases by choosing the appropriate word to complete a sentence. Parapal Online helps ESL students learn business vocabulary through multiple choice quizzes and exercises.

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English for Business & Work Vocabulary: ThoughtCo. offers a number of general resources for ESL online students in the area of business vocabulary, as well as lessons specific to several different industries.

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Using English also has printable online quizzes on a mix of grammar-based and general topics. ESL Galaxy – Here is a bank of (wait for it) over two thousand printable worksheets, mostly for beginner and intermediate students.

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This online listening lab is the perfect resource for listening exercises in your ESL classroom. Audio is important, and as ESL teachers, we need to introduce other forms of listening exercises to our classes in order to improve student focus. A4ESL Study English with quizzes, tests, crossword puzzles, exercises, and other activities Accredited Online Schools Reading Fluency and Literacy in School - Enhancing Comprehension at K and Beyond.

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ESL Gold: ESL Gold presents ESL resources including vocabulary guides and textbook recommendations as well as lessons categorized by skill level, from low beginning to advanced. Hyperlink: This site is a comprehensive resource for ESL students, presenting test preparation guides, vocabulary lists and games, verb usage and more. ESL stands for English as a Second Language, and EFL stands for English as a Foreign Language. The main difference between an ESL classroom and an EFL classroom is .